"colorless green ideas sleeping furiously" 5 word story by Ben Swartz Music by Rachel Panitch
This piece was commissioned by Sleeping Weasel theater company for their multimedia performance: A Winter Gathering. We explore ideas of home, memory, and playing as a child. Written by Thread Ensemble Tape by Andria Nicodemou Mixing of tape by Tasos Theofiflidis
A recap video showing introductory interactions created with passers-by, bells and Thread Ensemble. Then, rehearsal and performance of "Bells, bells, bells", an original piece created specifically for this anchor performance at Make Music Boston 2018.
Thread Ensemble performs INTERACTION: a day of interactive, public performances throughout Jamaica Plain. Music improvised on the spot by members of the ensemble, inspired by the contributions of listeners. Abigale Reisman - violin Rachel Panitch- violin Andria Nicodemou - vibraphone Nola Pikalova - videographer