Date: Sunday, July 23rd, 2017 (rain date: September 17th, 2017)

Contact for interview: Rachel Panitch, threadensemble@gmail.com(401) 644-5847

Type of engagement: Interactive performances

Artists: Thread Ensemble

Venues: Arnold Arboretum (1pm), Curtis Hall steps (2pm), Belle's Park on Centre Street near JP Licks (3pm), Jamaica Pond pathway (4pm),  Eliot School lawn (5pm and 6pm). *times of first five performances are approximate*

Concert Time:  6pm (Eliot School), with five interactive performances earlier in the afternoon throughout Jamaica Plain.

June 6, 2017


Thread Ensemble performs INTERACTION: a day of interactive, free, public performances throughout Jamaica Plain, featuring a moving musical feast of pieces improvised by vibraphone and violins.

Supported in part by an Opportunity Fund grant from the Boston Cultural Council, Thread Ensemble will give five performances in public spaces throughout Jamaica Plain in the course of one afternoon, culminating in an early evening concert on the lawn of the Eliot School. In each performance spot, Thread Ensemble will draw in passersby by inviting them to participate in the creation of new music. In between performances, Thread will roll the vibraphone from place to place and travel with the two violins, filling outdoor spaces with music.

Thread Ensemble surprises and delights listeners by involving them directly in the creative process. Through its annual series of varied interactive events, Thread Ensemble adapts to each unique audience and environment with original music created in the moment. Thread Ensemble curates the connection between listeners’ lived experiences and improvised music.

Thread Ensemble is the convergence of three unique voices: Abigale Reisman and Rachel Panitch on violins, and Andria Nicodemou on vibraphone and percussion. Thread formed via an Ensemble Fellowship at New England Conservatory’s Community Performances & Partnerships Department in 2012 where they performed at community centers and schools around Greater Boston. Thread has since been chosen to represent NEC’s Contemporary Improvisation Department in a number of settings including a storytelling residency at Bridge Boston Charter School. Thread Ensemble has curated Happenings at Arnold Arboretum and Boston Public Market, and has performed at Boston Children’s Museum and the Outside the Box Festival on Boston Common.

INTERACTION will take place on Sunday, July 23rd from 1PM-7PM, with free and interactive performances throughout Jamaica Plain, culminating in an outdoor concert. These programs will feature music improvised on the spot by members of the ensemble, inspired by the contributions of listeners. For more information, visit www.threadensemble.com